Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When natural hair becomes science...

I have been a naturalista many times than I care to count. I go natural, perm, go natural,perm,and go natural again. Each time I enjoy the experience! I learn something new about me and my hair every time I switch up. The funny thing is I've learned a crap load of new terms in the last yr or so. I mean when I was natural 11+ years ago things weren't so technical. I am still a natural who doesn't take my hair too seriously, because I'll pop a weave/wig on my head in 2.5 seconds and could care less who likes it. That's right I like change!...but I digress. I came up with this tee after many hours of youtube videos and natural hair websites. The terms are endless. This is for new, old and future naturalistas. Come learn a thing or two with me and our Hair is elemental tee!

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